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Apart from a handful of sites as detailed below, the majority of the districts parks and open spaces (including sports pitches) are owned and maintained by the town and parish councils for the area they are located.

Malvern Hills District Council does however maintain a crucial role in the protection of existing and development of new park and open space provision, as a result of new developments.

Council Owned Facilities

The council owns, manages and maintains the following facilities:

Section 106 Developers Contribution

The council plays a crucial role in ensuring that new developments provide the required services, infrastructure and amenities to serve new and existing communities. For more information, visit Planning Obligations (Section 106)

An example of this is the Malvern Vale development, which has been recommended as a role model to nurture community spirit and identity.

These recommendations are based on the report ‘Malvern Vale Community Development Project 2011-14 Project Evaluation Report', in which the successes of working closely with Festival Housing to provide a Community Development Worker has benefited the community.

Section 106 Grant Fund

As detailed within the Section 106 developers contributions section above, a developer is required to provide appropriate public open space provision to support new or existing communities.

Where such provision is not provided on site, the council secures a financial contribution from the developer to support the enhancement of existing, or the development of new off site provision.

All developers contributions are managed through the council's Section 106 Funding for Public Open Space page

All non profit making organisations are eligible, however it is principally town and parish councils who apply for some or all of a developers contribution (normally from a development within their parish).

The fundamental aim of the grant funding is to deliver projects which improve the open space provision and meets the local communities identified needs.

Open Space Evidence

Plans, strategies, studies and reports

In order for the council to evidence the need for Section 106 developers contributions, and effectively manage the distribution of funding through the Section 106 Grant Fund. The council utilises a wide range of evidence, provided in chronological order as follows:


pdf Malvern Hills DC Playing Pitch Assessment Report (3.13 MB)

pdf South Worcestershire Playing Pitch Strategy (1.26 MB)

pdf Malvern Hills District Health and Wellbeing Profile 2015 (2.22 MB)
Planning for Health in Worcestershire Technical Research Paper 2015
Malvern Hills District Sport and Leisure Strategy 2014-2024
Worcestershire Green Infrastructure Strategy 2013
South Worcestershire Sports Facility Framework
pdf Route to the Hills Development Plan 2010 (8.65 MB)

Hiring Parks and Open Spaces

If you wish to hire one of our parks or open spaces, please complete an pdf Application Form (30 KB) . Please note: Rose Bank Gardens are now managed by Malvern Town Council.

Route to the Hills

The Route to the Hills Plan provides a strategy to improve and enhance the two key areas of public open space in the centre of Great Malvern; Priory Park and Rose Bank Gardens.

In addition, the concept of a "Route to the Hills" linking the town of Great Malvern to the Malvern Hills, has been developed to strengthen the link between the town and the hills and maximising the economic and social benefits of the project.

Public Rights of Way

Public Rights of way include Bridleways, Footpaths and Byways. Worcestershire has approximately 7000 rights of way. View maps.

The Countryside Agency has published maps of Open Countryside and Registered Common Land in West England, which show areas where the public have a general right of access for the purposes of open-air recreation. View maps.