This part of our website sets out our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion. It shows how we are complying with the public sector equality duty, which is part of the Equality Act 2010.

We recognise that everyone is different, but this doesn't mean that people should be disadvantaged as a result. We will eliminate unlawful discrimination, promote equality of opportunity, and, foster good relations between people who are different to each other.

We currently articulate our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in our pdf Five Year Plan (1.30 MB) , particularly through the Our Communities priority.  We've set the following objectives under this priority:

  • Deliver quality and affordable housing
  • Improve people’s health and Wellbeing
  • Supporting and engaging with communities

We are currently working on refreshing our approach to equalities, diversity and inclusion (EDI) with a particular focus on the five themes set out below. We will update this web page as this work progresses.

  • Intelligence - understanding our workforce and communities, through quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis.
  • Awareness - ensuring all stakeholders understand the challenges, opportunities and actions needed, through clear communications, learning and development, and open dialogue.
  • Leadership - public commitment to champion and progress EDI across our workforce and communities; and leadership engagement in progress against our commitments.
  • Community engagement - fostering strong, supportive relationships with residents and other stakeholders and placing EDI at the centre of community and future workforce strategies.
  • Service delivery - ensuring EDI is central to the delivery of responsive customer service, giving conscious and focussed attention to EDI as part of service planning, procurement and service delivery.

Malvern Hills Equality and Diversity Profile

Our document equality and diversity profile (1.58 MB) gives an overview of the people and communities that live and work in Malvern Hills. It includes data on demographics, employment, income, and deprivation.  In future, we will work to provide an insight into the types of households that there are in the district.

You can find more information about the district including population, levels of deprivation, income, poverty and levels of crime on the Insight pages of our website.

EDI impact assessments 

Our integrated approach to carrying out impact assessments covers privacy impacts, contribution to our strategic priorities, and equality and diversity impacts. 

A screening impact assessment is required for all new or significant changes to existing policies, proposals, services, projects or activities and all reports requiring a committee decision.

Where a screening impact assessment identifies potential adverse impacts on one or more equality groups a more detailed impact assessment will be carried out.  This looks in more detail at what the adverse impacts are, whether they can be justified and how we can reduce or eliminate them.

For more information contact:

Catherine Turnock / Rebecca Floyd

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