Malvern Hills and Wychavon District Councils are now a shared housing service. 

Please use the below links If you need to contact us regarding:

General Housing Needs Enquiry - housing.needs@wychavon.gov.uk

Private Sector Housing - privatesectorhousing@wychavon.gov.uk - for enquires such as Property in disrepair, HMO licensing, Caravan licensing, Empty Homes.

Affordable Homes - privatesectorhousing@wychavon.gov.uk - for enquires such as Housing Needs Surveys, Evidence of affordable housing need for new developments, or Fixed Equity/ Discount market  sales applications.

Malvern Hills District Council transferred its homes to Festival Housing Association in 1995, and so we no longer own or manage any residential properties.

Our housing team aims to deliver the visions and goals contained in our Housing Strategy.

We are responsible for ensuring that the following services are provided:

  • Formulation of housing and homelessness strategies, and working with developers and Registered Providers to achieve the development of new affordable homes across the Malvern Hills District
  • Working with our housing options and homelessness contractor Festival Housing to ensure that housing options and homelessness advice is available to anyone who needs it
  • Tackling disrepair, the licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation and caravan sites; and  facilitating grants to enable people to remain in their homes
  • Working with our contractor Care and Repair Worcestershire who provide independent advice, support and practical help to older people, people with disabilities and those on low income who need to repair, improve or adapt their homes.

Common questions

Worcestershire's Strategic Direction for Tackling Homelessness 2018-21 Consultation

We are seeking your views on Worcestershire's Strategic Direction for Tackling Homelessness.

This document expands on the strategic priorities for tackling homelessness already identified within the Worcestershire Housing Partnership Plan and the Homelessness Review.

In order to tackle homelessness comprehensively, we need to ensure that:

  • There are genuinely affordable low-cost rental options for households on benefits and low paid/insecure work.
  • We minimise risks for those who are most vulnerable to homelessness by focusing our prevention activities further "upstream".
  • We provide earlier, more flexible and more comprehensive responses to those in crisis/at risk of entering crisis, and provide appropriate support for homeless people whose needs go beyond homelessness.

We value your input on how we are going to deliver those priorities within each of the districts of Worcestershire.

Please take a look at the Worcestershire Strategic Direction for Tackling Homelessness and let us know your views in a short questionnaire using the link below:

Worcestershire Strategic Direction for Tackling Homelessness survey

(Please note, the document is currently in draft format)

Please return your feedback no later that 9.00am on 19th June 2018.

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