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Due to a combination of staffing and resource pressures, and exceptionally high volumes of applications being submitted to the Council, we are currently 2 weeks behind in the validation and processing of planning applications. We are grateful for your patience and understanding as we endeavour to process applications as quickly as possible. To enquire about the progress of the validation of your application please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read the Planning Updates information below to find out about changes affecting our service.

You can also find helpful information on our Planning permission FAQs page.

Planning Updates

  • Requests regarding the verification of conditions

We do not currently provide a service with regards to seeking the verification of conditions. We kindly suggest that you utilise the free search facility on our website where you can find the relevant documentation to check whether conditions have been discharged. With regards to whether conditions have been complied with, unfortunately, this is not currently a service that we provide as a Local Authority.  

The suspension of this service is temporary, however, when it is re-instated it will become a chargeable service due to the level of work, time and resources required to provide a response.

  • Due to the continued high volume of planning applications that are being received, there may be a delay in the assessment and determination of planning applications. It may take longer than the statutory 8 or 13 weeks to determine your application but we will endeavour to determine your application as soon as possible. You may receive a request from the case officer to agree to an extended period of time to determine the application.
  • Pre-application Advice: The planning service is similarly experiencing high levels of demand for pre-application advice and we may not always be able to provide the written advice within the timescales set out in our Pre-Application Planning Advice Guidance Note. However our officers are working extremely hard to progress these as quickly as possible.