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Malvern Hills Upskilling Grant terms and conditions

In this section you will find the following information:

Malvern Hills Upskilling Grant terms and conditions

  1. Businesses can claim up to two upskilling grants in each financial year, up to a maximum of £10,000 over a rolling five-year period.
  2. Applicants should be SME businesses (less than 250 employees), operating in any sector and providing for their employee to gain a recognised qualification.
  3. The employer will employ the person named in the employer declaration for at least the time it takes to complete their training programme, or a minimum of 12 months on an apprenticeship programme, whichever is greater (subject to satisfactory performance of the employee, unless the employee is in breach of their employment contract).
  4. The  employer  shall  notify  the council  as soon  as possible and within 1 month of any changes to the status of the employer, the person or the training, including  a change  in terms and conditions, which may affect the eligibility  of the employer to claim the grant.
  5. The employer must pay at least the Minimum Wage to the trainee for a post of at least 30 hrs a week including training leading to a recognised qualification.
  6. The  employer   shall  always  endeavour   to  make a  success  of  the  training  and  shall  support  the aim  that the trainee shall  gain  qualifications  and valuable work experience.

  7. The employer will pay at least the National Minimum Wage appropriate  for the persons age and status, including  time for off the job training  throughout the duration of the apprentice, internship, or traineeship.
  8. The employer agrees to maintain a relationship with the council for a minimum  of 36 months, enabling monitoring of outcomes from the grant scheme, and to participate in publicity  and press opportunities to further promote the MHDC Grant Upskilling Scheme  (subject  to commercial  sensitivities). This could  include  both  the employer  and  the person being upskilled attending  local events, featuring in press, publicity material and providing  case studies where this is mutually beneficial to all parties.

  9. The council reserves the right to recover all or part of the grant it has provided if:

    • The  applicant  is  found  to  have  improperly tried to influence the decision  of any officer or elected  member  of Malvern Hills  District Council in the award of a grant.
    • The business relocates outside the boundaries of Malvern Hills district within a 12-month period from receipt of the grant.
    • Any information  provided  in the application form  or  other  correspondence   is  found  to be substantially incorrect, misleading, or incomplete.
    • The  upskilling   employee   is  terminated  by the employer prior to the end of the agreed duration  through  no fault of the person, or without reasonable grounds.

  10. If it is found that the applicant has any outstanding debts owed to Malvern Hills District Council,  then the council reserves the right to withhold grant payment until such debts are cleared.

  11. The  employer  shall  at  all  times  comply  with  its obligations  under the Equalities Act and shall not discriminate  on the grounds  of age, race, gender, marital status, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

  12. Any grant award is subject to a successful application to Malvern Hills District Council and the availability of  funds.  Malvern  Hills  District  Council   reserves the right to award or reject grants at the council’s discretion.

  13. The business must confirm they have not received more than £315,000 from the state in subsidy in the last 3 years from the date of the grant application.
  14. The Grant will be payable  direct to the employer within  3 months  of receipt  of all evidence  and  a signed grant agreement.