Voting and Elections

Our Electoral Services team is responsible for:

  • Organising all types of elections and referendums within Malvern Hills District.
  • Compiling and maintaining the Register of Electors.
  • Dealing with monthly registrations to be included on the register and applications to vote by post.
  • Boundary and community governance reviews and electoral arrangements.
  • Promoting participation in our democratic processes.

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Current Elections and Referendums

European Parliamentary Election - 23 May 2019

The European Parliamentary Election is scheduled to take place on Thursday 23 May 2019 within the UK.

Notice of Election - European
EU Parliamentary - statement of persons nominated
EU Situation of polling stations
Notice of particulars of regional agents

Results of European Parliamentary Election - 23 May 2019

The result for the West Midlands region in the European Parliamentary election will be available to view at Just click the link on the home page.
Please note the result of this election cannot be declared until after 10pm on Sunday, 26 May as people living in other EU states will still be voting up until that time. The local result will also be published via this page.

Key Election dates

  • Electoral Registration deadline – Tuesday 7 May 2019 – midnight
  • European Nationals Registration deadline – European Parliament voter registration – Tuesday 7 May
    We have written out to all European Nationals (other than British and Irish) in Malvern Hills to invite them to indicate whether they want to use their right to vote at the EU elections in the UK and not their home country.  This form can also be
     downloaded and emailed to us.
  • Postal Voting deadline – Wednesday 8 May at 5pm.  This is the date and time we need to receive a completed application form. Postal ballot papers will be sent out around 9 May. If you have a permanent postal vote this will also apply for this election.
  • Proxy voting deadline – Wednesday 15 May at 5pm.  This is the date and time we need to receive a completed application form.

Polling stations will largely be the same as 2 May (except for a change to Hallow Village Hall, which will now be at St Philip and St James Church). You can find your polling station here.

Further information can be found on the website and the Electoral Commission’s website for candidates and agents.

Delay to Polling Cards for European Parliamentary Election

Polling cards for the European Parliamentary Election on 23 May were sent out at the start of May and should have arrived by 3 May. While some have been delivered  in certain areas, we are aware they have yet to arrive in other parts of the district.

Given this delay, we would like to remind you of the following important information:

  • You do not need your polling card to vote. If you would like to know where your polling station is for the European Parliamentary Election please use the polling station finder tool here.
  • If you received a polling card for the local elections held on 2 May, then you will still be registered to vote and able to vote in the European Parliamentary Election.
  • The timescales we were given for this election were very short. As a result the deadline for postal vote applications has already  passed but the deadline  for proxy vote applications (where you send someone else to vote on your behalf) is still open until 5pm on 15 May. The application form is here.

Local Elections (District & Parish) and Malvern Town Neighbourhood Planning Referendum - 2 May 2019

Election Results for local elections held on 2 May 2019

Notice of Uncontested Elections Malvern Hills District Council

Parish Elections

Notice of Uncontested Elections

Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations

Could you be our next councillor?

Do you think the local park could be improved? Maybe you want a greater say on planning matters? Then why not become a councillor? Find out more here.

Where do I vote?

Not sure where to go to vote? Just type in your postcode and it will show you where your polling station is. Use the handy tool below courtesy of



This handy tool is courtesy of

Register to vote

The fastest way to register to vote is online at

Important: You will need your National Insurance Number in order to register. If you have not got a National Insurance Number, or have lost it, please contact the National Insurance Enquiries on 0300 200 3500.

Usually within three to six weeks of the Electoral Registration Officer receiving your application your name will be added to the Register of Electors as long as your details can be correctly verified.

We will write and confirm that your name has been added to the Register.

During an election period, there is a special deadline by which names can be added to the register. The deadline for registering to vote in the upcoming local elections is 12 April 2019.

Postal Voting

You can register for a postal vote by completing a postal vote registration form and returning it by post or email attachment.

Proxy Voting

You can register for a proxy vote (this means appointing someone to vote on your behalf) by completing a proxy vote registration form and returning it by post or email attachment.

Referendums/Petitions 2019

The official notification detailing the figure for 5% of the electorate of Malvern Hills District Council.

What is a petition for a change to a different form of governance?

The council can be petitioned to hold a referendum on whether our district should change to a different form of governance.

The Local Government Act 2000 requires the Council to publish a notice which sets out the minimum number of signatures which would be needed to support a valid petition requiring the council to hold a referendum on whether the district should change to a different form of governance.

Minimum number of signatures to support a valid petition

The minimum number, equal to 5 per cent of the local government electors for Malvern Hills District Council shown in the revised register published at 15 February 2019, is 2975.

This is the minimum number of signatures needed to support any petitions to the council submitted between 31 March 2019 and before 1 April 2020. 

A new number will be published in February 2020 and if the number is less than 2975 then the new number will apply from the date published.

If you have any queries please contact or telephone 01684 862200.