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The purpose of Neighbourhood Watch schemes is for a local area to jointly improve their collective safety through individuals taking their own actions, which contribute to a local collective effort.

Search for your nearest scheme on Neighbourhood Watch Network pages.

If your local community does not have a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, why not start one yourself?

Or if you think there would be local appetite for a scheme and you know the perfect person to be the local co-ordinator, get in touch and we can provide assistance and guidance in getting your scheme up and running.

Each community NHW scheme runs in its own way that is suited for that community. This could be using a local WhatsApp messaging group, a community NHW Facebook page, or through using the online NHW emailing system.

On becoming a member of your local Neighbourhood Watch group, you also can receive up to date alerts via email or SMS from your local Policing Team through West Mercia Police’s Neighbourhood Matters system.

Whilst Neighbourhood watch and the Police remain separate organisations, West Mercia Police support the work of NHW via their neighbourhood matters system, so that local people are aware of what is happening in their community. Sign up here to the Neighbourhood watch

Contact the Malvern Hills Community Safety officer - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.