Garden Waste Collection Service

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Please note a price increase is due to take effect on MONDAY 5TH MARCH 2018, new prices are as follows

New customers who sign up online will cost £70.00

Renewal customers pay £70.00 if paying by direct debit or £75.00 if paying via debit or credit card

This collection service will help you compost your garden waste.

The Garden Waste service has an annual renewal, each customer will have an anniversary date, meaning whenever in the year you join the service, you will receive a year's worth of collections.

  • You can have as many bins as required
  • Every additional bin will cost £55
  • One-off fee for a full year service
  • No bin delivery charge

Please note: Payments must be made up front and in full, one off collections are not available and we do not offer refunds for cancelled services.

Customers who cancel their service and fail to present the bin for collection may be charged £50.00.

If you have any questions or issues regarding the service, please email

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Home composting is the best way to deal with your garden waste but when the growing season really gets going you might need a little extra help.

The garden waste collection service is:

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Saves time and effort
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fortnightly collections
  • 240 litre brown wheeled bin
Yes Please No Thanks
Grass cuttings Kitchen waste
Hedge and shrub clippings Dog/Cat waste
Leaves, twigs and bark Plastic bags/pot/trays
Small plants, cut flowers and weeds Tree stumps/branches over 10cm (4") in diameter
Windfall fruit Brick/rubble/soil/stones

Please ensure the wheeled bin is presented by 7am on your collection day. The bin will be collected between 7am and 5pm. 

There is a safe working weight limit for both the garden waste bin and the bin lift mechanism on the freighter of 100kg. Please ensure that as much soil as possible has been removed from weeds, turf, etc before placing them in the bin. The driver may refuse to lift a bin if it is too heavy.