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Please be aware that we have moved the yellow bottle recycling bins from the Hanley Road car park in Upton to the Hillside Centre on Milestone Road. 

Service Status: 

We have been unable to collect from Peak View, Malvern, WR14 1LU due to Openreach working on site which prevented access for the freighter. We will return on Thursday 23rd May to collect. Please present your bins from 7am at your usual collection point for the crew to collect.


Use these links to find the information you need:

How your waste and recycling collection works

In Malvern Hills we use black bins for general rubbish and food waste and green bins for recycling.

One week we collect your black bin and one week we collect your green bin. You can check your bin collection day to find out what bin to put out and when.

To help our bin collection crews please make sure:

  • Your bin is at the boundary of your home nearest the public highway (road or path).
  • You put your bin out by 7am on the day of your collection.
  • The lid is closed. We may not collect your bin if the lid isn’t fully closed.
  • All waste is in the bin. We do not collect waste left at the side of bins. If you have too much recycling you can put it in a clear sack or recyclable container next to the bin or you can ask for an extra green recycling bin. Just select add/remove/replace bin or sack.

We will only empty bins we have provided and have our name and logo on them.

Find out what happens to your waste 

My bin hasn’t been collected

If you have put your bin out correctly and it still hasn’t been emptied then please tell us by using our missed bin online reporting form.

If bin collections are not taking place as normal, because of roadworks, snow, ice, flooding or for other reasons, we will put information on this page. You can also sign up to our waste and recycling e-newsletter (opens in new window) to get information sent directly to your inbox as well as advice on waste reduction and recycling.

Find your bin collection date

If you have forgotten what bin to put out when or would like to know when your usual collection day is, then use our online calendar. You can also download a waste and recycling collection calendar for the whole year.

Use the bin collection day finder

Ask for an extra or bigger bin 

Our standard black wheeled bin size is 180 litres, which will hold about three to four black sacks of waste.

We do have a larger 240 litre black bin available but these will only be given out to homes with six or more people living in them, or those that have children in nappies, or produce a lot of non-hazardous medical waste.

Our standard green recycling bins can take up to 240 litres of recyclable items. If you create a lot of recycling then you can ask for a larger or extra green bin.

Use our online form to ask for extra or larger bins and select add/remove/replace bin or sack.

Sack collections

Unfortunately, some homes cannot have wheeled bins because of access issues.

Instead of bins, these homes will be given cherry coloured sacks for recycling and black sacks for general rubbish and food waste.

These are delivered between June and July every year and each household is given one roll of black general waste sacks and one roll of cherry coloured recycling sacks.

Sacks are collected on an alternate weekly basis; cherry recycling sacks one week and black sacks the next. You can put out a maximum of 4 black sacks per fortnightly collection. We will only issue one roll of black sacks per year. If you require more, these will need to be purchased by yourself.

On the week of your recycling collection you can put out as many cherry sacks as you like. You can get extra recycling sacks by requesting them from our website.

Sacks must be put out by the boundary of your home by 7am on the day of your collection.

You cannot put glass in your black or cherry recycling sacks. Glass bottles and jars can be taken to Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) or please use your local recycling bank.

Request Cherry Recycling Sacks

Help putting your bin or sacks out

If you're not able to place your bin at the edge of your property on your own because of age or disability, you can request an assisted collection from your property. This is where one of our collection staff will get the bin for you from an agreed collection point.

An officer may visit your home to discuss your needs.

Request assisted bin collections(opens in a new window)

Bank holiday collection dates

We collect bins as normal on bank holidays, apart from Christmas Day and New Year when there may be changes to the usual collection schedule. We will put information about Christmas collection dates on this page and in the local press or sign up for our e-newsletter and we will send them straight to your inbox.

Bin weight limits

The weight limits for the domestic bins are as below

180 litre - 72kg

240 litre - 110kg

360 litre - 160kg

Contact us

If you need help or information with your waste and recycling collections that you cannot find on our website then please call us on 01684 862490 between 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.