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 Household Recycling Centres in the Malvern Hills area are managed by Worcestershire County Council and not Malvern Hills District Council. They can be contacted on 01905 763763.


Please be aware that we are moving the yellow bottle recycling bins from the Hanley Road car park in Upton to the Hillside Centre on Milestone Road as a temporary measure because of the risk of flooding.

Request New Recycling Bins or Sacks

You can report issues with your bin collections using our online reporting service. You can use this system 24/7 to report missed collections, request sacks/bins, sign up to our Garden Waste service and much more. Or you can call us on 01684 862490 between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday.


Household recycling is collected:

  • Fortnightly. Even if your recycling is collected in sacks your collection is still fortnightly. If you are unsure when to put your bin out, then find your collection day using our online calendar.
  • In a green wheeled recycling bin where possible. You can order a new or replacement recycling bin using our online reporting system.
  • Inside the boundary of your property nearest the main road. Please do not obstruct public highways.
  • Between 7am and 5pm. Please place your recycling out for collection by 7am.

Please note, the Household Recycling Centres in Malvern, Tenbury and Upton are managed by Worcestershire County Council and not by Malvern Hills District Council. Information can be found on the Worcestershire County Council website.

Find your Household Recycling Centre on the Worcestershire County Council website

Useful information about your recycling collection

  • Put items into your green bin loose - do not use a bin liner or put recycling in bags.
  • Check what you can recycle in your green bin on the Let's Waste Less website
  • If you have difficulty placing your recycling bin out for collection we offer an Assisted Collection Service
  • Households that are unsuitable for a recycling bin are provided with a Recycling Sack Collection. For safety reasons glass cannot be recycled via recycling sacks. On the day of collection sacks must be made visible to and ready for collection by the refuse operatives. We cannot guarantee that sacks left in bins or other containers will be taken and we will not return to collect them if reported as missed. Please ensure sacks are tied at the top.
  • Shredded paper. Please do not put loose shredded paper in your recycling bin or sacks. The sorting plant is unable to deal with shredded paper and there is no easy way to keep it all together. Shredded paper will get mixed up with the glass and affect the quality of it meaning it is unsuitable for recycling. You can use shredded paper for pet or animal bedding or you can compost it at home. Another solution for recycling shredded paper is to put it into a paper bag or cereal box and take it to your local household waste recycling site.
  • Polystyrene cannot be recycled.
  • Residents who use recycling sacks can take glass bottles and jars to a bottle bank. Find your nearest bottle bank.
  • Find out when your recycling is collected
  • Find out where your recycling goes.

Recycling Hints and Tips

  • Make space next to your waste bin for a recycling and/or compost container.
  • Recycle bottles and jars at your local supermarket when you do your weekly shop - drop before you shop!
  • There is no need to squash cans, cartons or bottles anymore - but do please wash them out.
  • Recycle clothes, books and unwanted gifts at charity shops, clothes banks, or door step charity bags.
  • Re-use take-away plastic containers for packed lunches or food storage.
  • When you go shopping use an environmentally friendly re-usable material shopping bag. 
  • Reduce your junk mail by contacting The Mailing Preference Service.
  • Place a compost bin in your garden for kitchen and soft garden waste.
  • Larger items can be taken to a household waste site or you could arrange for a bulky collection.

Bottle tops are now recyclable but MUST be left on the bottles please. Any recyclable material should be clean so with bottles please clean them (just a rinse to remove any residue will do) and then screw the lid back on. The tops and bottles are often two different plastics (usually HDPE and PET respectively with drinks bottles for example) but Severn Waste's reprocessors are able to deal with the two plastics.

Any type of plastic bottle, tub, pot or tray from inside someone's home can be recycled via the kerbside collection as long as it is not black in colour.

Don't worry about the resin codes (number in a triangle of arrows on the base of many plastic items). Containers need to be empty and clean. Black plastic cannot be recycled (any other colour is fine). Lids are absolutely fine to include (including trigger spray tops like on cleaning sprays). The only tops which are not currently recyclable are pump tops - like on handwash bottles. Please remove any film lids/bubble wrap layers etc.

Compost bins

You can order discounted compost bins, delivered direct to your front door.

Other types of compost bins are also available.

Order a compost bin from the Get Composting website or call  0844 571 4444.

Find out more about composting on the Let's Waste Less website.

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