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How can we help you?

All Household Recycling Centres are managed by Worcestershire County Council. Please contact WCC on 01905 763763 if you have any queries.

For full details of times, locations and items accepted at your local household recycling centre please visit: Worcestershire Recycling Centres.

Household Recycling Centres are managed by Worcestershire County Council. Any queries can be directed to them at their website:

If you require a CVT permit (for commercial sized vehicles and vehicles with a trailer), these are also requested via Worcestershire County Council.

Hints and tips to remember when at the sites

  • Place everything into the correct skip - ask staff for help if you are unsure.
  • Garden or green waste is recycled into soil conditioner.
  • Greengrow© soil conditioner is available at the site for £2 a bag.

Recycling skips where you can recycle

  • Scrap metal  - bicycles, cookers, microwaves, washing machines, metal tools, saucepans, etc.
  • Can bank - cans (food, drinks and aerosols).
  • Battery box  - car batteries.
  • Cardboard - corrugated cardboard.
  • Textile bank  - clothes and other textiles.
  • Oil bank  - engine / gear oil, paraffin, diesel only (not cooking oil).
  • Fridge area  - fridges and freezers.
  • LPG bottles cage  - gas bottles.
  • Bottle bank - glass bottles and jars.
  • Green waste - green garden waste (no branches over 10cm / 4").
  • Paper  - paper, thin card, junk mail, catalogues.
  • Soil and rubble  - garden soil and DIY rubble.
  • Foil - take away trays, foil wrap and pie trays.

There are also facilities for recycling televisions, computer monitors, fluorescent tubes and even asbestos. There are also a number of local mini Recycling Points which include bottle banks, paper and textile containers.