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Benefits and Council Tax

Change in circumstances

In this section you will find the following information:

Advise us of a change in circumstances

If you already receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support and your circumstances change, you must inform us immediately. If you do not tell us within 21 days of the change, you may be at risk of losing your benefits.

See below for changes that need to be reported:

We can help you to complete a form.

If you are not receiving benefits:

If you would like to inform our Council Tax team of a change of address or change of tenancy, then complete one of our change of address forms.

Moving home

If you are moving within the Malvern Hills District Council area and already in receipt of Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support, please use this form to tell us that you are moving address so that we can make sure you receive the correct amount of housing benefit or council tax support.

If you are working age or in a mixed age couple and are moving to a different Local Authority Area, you may now need to claim Universal Credit. For more information on Universal Credit, please visit -

If you are Pensionable age and are moving to a different Local Authority Area, you will need to complete a new application form via the new Local Authority. Please ensure you still advise us of the date you are moving so we can finalise your claim.

Download and complete the pdf change of address form (2.14 MB)

If this is your first claim at this address, please send us:
• your tenancy agreement; and
• proof of rent payments you have made (for example, your rent book or receipts).

(If you do not have a tenancy agreement, or the initial term of your tenancy has run out, please ask your landlord, landlady or agent to fill in the ‘Confirmation of tenancy’ page of the change of address form on page 11.)

If you have claimed at this address before, please send us:
• the ‘Confirmation of tenancy’ page (which is on page 11 of the change of address form); and
• proof of rent payments you have made (for example, your rent book or receipts)

These must be original documents, not photocopies

Income, benefits and savings

  • if you or your partner start or stop work
  • if you or your partner have an increase or decrease in any incomes including private and occupational pensions
  • if there is a change in your or your partner's savings
  • if you or your partner start or stop receiving any benefit paid by the Department of Works and Pensions
  • if the income of another adult living with you changes.

Notify us that your income has changed when claiming for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support by downloading and completing the pdf change of income form (623 KB) .

Please ensure you specify exactly what changes you have had in the household so it is clear to the Local Authority what information needs updating. If you are providing a bank statement to show a change, please ensure you make it clear with a covering letter or statement as to what change this is supporting.

You will need:

  • a bank or building society statement for the last two months showing money going out, money coming in and the balance;
  • a letter from a bank or building society showing the type of account, account number, the balance and regular deposits for the last two months; or
  • statements for certificates, bonds, unit trusts, stocks and shares.

All savings books and so on must be up to date, showing all interest due. 

The proof must be an original, not a photocopy.

If you are self-employed, you need to complete the Self - Employed earnings application form.

Household changes

  • if someone comes to live with you
  • if someone living with you moves out
  • if someone in the household passes away
  • if you need to tell us that you have changed your name
  • date a child leaves school or the date child benefit payments stop
  • date a child starts work or goes to college/university
  • If you have another child, we will need proof of child benefit, their name and date of birth.
  • If you start to receive child maintenance
  • if you or your partner go into hospital for more than 6 weeks
  • If you go into a nursing/care home
  • If you go abroad for a continuous period of 4 weeks
  • If you go to prison

It is very important that you tell us as soon as possible, by completing the following online change of address forms.

Any delay in sending the form may affect the date the benefit is paid from and the amount you receive. 

If you need help with completing a form


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