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What is Malvern Hills Car Club?

Malvern Hills Car Club is a voluntary organisation, run by volunteers and members themselves, providing access to pay-as-you-go vehicles.

The scheme aims to improve accessibility to transport for residents in rural areas as well as to help households reduce their carbon footprint by not owning a car and having more consideration about their car use.

Malvern Hills District Council is delighted to be working with Malvern Hills Car Club and has provided funding of more than £100,000 to support the scheme.

Find out more about Malvern Hills Car Club.

What other schemes do they offer?

Electric Bike Loan Scheme

This scheme is open to all and offers people the chance to test an electric bike for free over a period of two weeks.

The club provides advice on what type of e-bike to choose what is right for them and if so where to buy one. 

The scheme is volunteer run and the two week loan is free. They welcome donations to help them continue to purchase and maintain the e-bikes.

View Electric Bike Loan scheme

E-bike to Work Scheme

This scheme provides young people starting work or training with an electric bike to help solve their transport problems.

To be accepted on the scheme, participants need to be aged 16 years or over, live or work/train in the Malvern Hills District and have a firm offer of work, training or college course.

It is also available for young people already in work or college who are at risk of losing a job or placement due to transport difficulties.

Watch Michelle, a member of the scheme, talk more about the benefits of using an Ebike.

View E-bike to work scheme