The Bigger Picture Survey 2022

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. We are currently uploading the results of paper surveys we received and then we will be analysing the results and feeding back in the summer.


Use the links below to find the information you need:


Thanks to young people's feedback as part of our 2018 Bigger Picture Survey, we worked with Malvern Hills District Youth Action Network (MHYAN) partners to develop the Futureproof campaign. Aimed at helping you to develop your skills, build confidence and feel a part of your community. Check out the webpage for more details and watch this space for more information on our 2022 campaign.

Our Youth Forum

Hello from the Malvern Hills District Youth Forum. The Forum is made up of a Chairperson and Advisors. 

Hello from your Youth Chairperson 2021-22

Hi, my name is Matthew. I am interested in politics, ethics and economics, and  have always been politically active as a young person, interested in representing others and taking every opportunity to do so.

I hope that this role allows me to do exactly that, to speak for the youth of the district and make sure our voices are heard as decisions that directly affect us are made. As part of my role, I am looking forward to working with the local councillors to improve the district for young people, focussing on mental health education and introducing a curriculum for life preparing students for adulthood.

I’m also looking forward to working with our Youth Advisors on issues such as climate change and public transport.

pdf Find out more about the role of Youth Chairperson. (213 KB)

Check out Matthew's chat with the Leader of the Council on our YouTube channel. Matthew spoke about how young people can get more involved in decision making in the district and have their say.

Matthew is currently supported by three Youth Advisors - Lexi, Finn and Sam.

Could you be a Youth Advisor?

We are looking for more young people to become Youth Advisors for the district. 

  • Make your CV stand out from the rest
  • Get involved with local decision making
  • Develop life skills
  • Lead campaigns and work with our Youth Chairperson to distribute funding to support local youth projects

pdf Find out more about the role of a Youth Advisor. (127 KB)

It is quick and simple to express an interest in the role, we just ask you to answer four questions on an expression of interest form and then we will be in touch to arrange a chat between you, our Youth Champion, Youth Chair and Portfolio Holder for Communities to find out a bit more about you and to give you chance to ask us any questions about the role. This chat can take place in person, online or on the telephone, whatever you would prefer.

document Download an expression of interest form. (31 KB)

You can contact Matthew and the Youth Advisors by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 01684 862449. We will keep you updated on their progress on our social media sites and by email bulletins, which you can sign up to at Email Alerts (and tick the option for ‘youth’ updates).

The Youth Chairperson's Fund 2022-23

The Malvern Hills District Council Youth Chair’s Fund is £1,000 that the Youth Chair is offering to fund exciting projects in the district designed by the district’s young people. A group of young people can apply for up to £500, to fund short-term projects, celebrations, trips and equipment that will benefit other local young people and their communities in the district. Not sure if your area is covered by the district? (check your postcode at My Local Area)

In 2021/22, the Youth Chair's Fund supported a big birthday bash at Malvern Cube Youth projects, a youth theatre production in Tenbury and youth mentoring scheme at Dyson Perrins high school.

In 2020/2021, Tenbury High Ormiston Academy received £500 towards purchasing and furnishing its ‘Time to Talk Cabin’, which provides a safe space for students to talk about and seek support with their mental health and wellbeing. Watch the video of the cabin.

Perfect Circle Theatre Group was given £250 to hire a professional videographer to work with their young people to create a short film based on their ideas and playwriting projects, teaching them how to film and edit.

Upton Young Farmers was given £250 towards a new member's induction day, following a difficult period for small clubs and organisations, with the recent pandemic. Upton Young Farmers are now keen to promote the club and gather new members.

The fund enables young people to have a say in young people-focused projects that are delivered in the Malvern Hills district.

Projects must complete within one year of the funding being awarded.

Who is eligible to apply?

A young person or a group of young people who are 11 - 17 years old and live or go to school in the district. You will need an adult sponsor organisation to support your application too. document Take a look at the criteria for all the details you need. (55 KB)

The deadline for applications for round one of the funding is Friday 7 October 2022.

document Download an application form (1.21 MB) .

The Bigger Picture Survey 2018 - you said, we did

Young people remain a group that we consistently fail to hear from whenever we engage with our residents.

We have been doing a lot of work to try and change that. pdf View the results from our Bigger Picture Survey 2018 (1.59 MB) , in which we consulted over 1200 11-17 year olds.

Following this survey, we worked with our partners to develop actions that targeted some of the key issues young people have raised with us and we developed a four year action plan.  pdf Read four year action plan (2.20 MB)

We also wanted to let you know what we are already doing to tackle some of the issues you raised.  Take a look at our 'You said, we did' update below for more details.

pdf Read 'you said, we did' update (258 KB) (latest update, September 2019)

The Inbox Newsletter

The Inbox newsletter has been produced for young people by young people. 

pdf Check out the latest edition of Inbox newsletter (September 2019) (1.06 MB)

The Youth Champion

Hello from our Youth Champion, Councillor Caroline Palethorpe 

Youth Champion - Caroline PalethorpeI have been appointed Member Champion for young people at Malvern Hills District Council and I just wanted to introduce myself. I have worked with young people for over 15 years in a number of roles and I will be working hard over the next four years to engage you in the democratic process. I am also really looking forward to working with our very first Youth Chairperson and three Youth Advisors, who will ensure young people across the district have a stronger voice in the decision making process.

I want to hear about issues that concern you and your ideas on how we can make Malvern a district that meets the needs of our future generations. You can find out more about my champion role on the Councillor information page and you are welcome to get in touch with me. I can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Have Your Say

There are lots of ways to tell us what you think.  You could:

  • Contact your Youth Chairperson and Advisors by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Attend or join the Worcestershire Youth Cabinet - The Worcestershire Youth Cabinet is a group of young people (aged 11 to 18) who aim to provide all of the young people who live in Worcestershire with a voice – a voice that is heard and listened to by local, regional and national government, by providers of services for young people and by any other agencies who have an interest in the views and needs of young people.
  • Respond to our Consultations - we consult residents on a range of council priorities.
  • Contact your local councillors - who are your representatives on the district council. Not sure which ward you live in? Find out using the My Local Area Search
  • Contact your MP -  Harriett Baldwin
  • Submit a question to a meeting of the full council - you can submit a question to our Council or Overview & Scrutiny Committees on anything relating to issues that affect the general economic, social or environmental well-being of the community. 
  • Organise and present a petition - anyone who lives, works or studies in the Malvern Hills district can organise a petition.