What is crowdfunding?

Helping our economy and communities to rebuild is important to our overall recovery plan for the district. 

In July 2020, we launched the People Make Places Fund in partnership with crowdfunding platform Spacehive to support local community projects and their ongoing response to the Covid-19 Crisis. View Spacehive website

Crowdfunding offers a way to raise funds rapidly by connecting people with local causes. Anyone can back a campaign with as little as £2 and can do so safely online. We provide funding pots (more information below) across a number of rounds and the rest is made up with donations from communities, councils, local businesses and foundations.

Learn more about Spacehive at one of their online workshops.

What funds do we offer?

The Destination Zero Community Fund

A dedicated funding pot of £100,000 has been made available to support community led initiatives that contribute towards the aims of the council’s Destination Zero plan.

We welcome ideas from community groups, charities, local councils and individuals  that help to create a greener and more sustainable Malvern Hills district for the wider community..

We particularly encourage ideas that can achieve the following::

  • Improved energy efficiency of homes through community action
  • Increased low carbon travel for community benefit
  • Community campaigns that support reduce, reuse, and recycle initiatives
  • Natural measures to capture and store carbon (e.g., tree planting, pollinator sites, wetlands, wildflower meadows)

We are encouraging organisations and individuals to share their project ideas that could help reduce carbon emissions in the Malvern Hills District. Share your ideas to reduce carbon emissions on our engagement platform.

The People Make Places Fund

This new £150,000 People Make Places Fund is being launched and is apart of the overall £500K Connected Communities Fund Package that has been established to support the new Connected Communities Strategy. This fund will run for three years, over six rounds. Malvern Hills District Council will provide the funding to organisations with project ideas that will help benefit the district and bring our communities together. 

The People Make Places: Ticket to Ride Fund

The dedicated People Make Places: Ticket to Ride Fund is also £150,000 with up to £50,000 (or max 50% of campaign target) available from Malvern Hills District Council towards your project. Transport projects pitching to this fund should be sustainable, innovative, citizen-led and community-based. Projects should increase resilience and boost connectivity of communities in Malvern Hills by improving local people's ability to travel to services and opportunities for social interaction. 

Malvern Hills District Council Ward Budget

The Ward Budget scheme provides councillors with £500 per year. It is intended to allow councillors to assist local projects financially, support local initiatives and needs or opportunities which would also allow councillors to become more involved in their communities. Councillors can pledge up to £500 each towards your project, up to a maximum of 75% of your crowdfunding target.

Find out more about the Spacehive funds available

You can also get in touch with us directly to talk through your project by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

What have we achieved so far?

Find out more about some of the successful projects we helped fund: