Our vision is to enhance the Malvern Hills District as a destination to explore and an outstanding place to live and work.

To achieve this we have produced our Five Year Plan. This sets out a number of actions to be completed by 2025 under our three priority areas - Our Communities, Our Economy and Our Environment.

The plan will be updated every year based on feedback from our residents' survey.

Our priorities and actions for 2022/23 are listed below:

Our Communities

  • Invest £500,000 to support and enable our communities to:
    • Increase volunteer activity and support;
    • Bring together neighbours to feel part of their community;
    • Reduce crime and anti-social behaviour;
    • Reduce social isolation and loneliness and promote inclusion;
    • Enhance mental health and well-being.
  • Continue to work with partners to tackle poverty through a poverty alleviation plan, targeting our actions on prevention, support, and recovery.
  • Support Malvern Hills District Youth Forum priorities to improve mental wellbeing education in schools and increase environmental awareness and local action.
  • Actively promote health, fitness and well-being through community outreach programmes and support for leisure centres, with 1.5mn visits in the plan period.
  • Facilitate investment of at least £10mn in new open space provision, play areas, playing pitches and community facilities in the plan period.
  • Make comprehensive enhancements and improvements to Priory Park by 2023.
  • Work with partners and communities to underpin the delivery of 550 affordable new homes and to ensure a wider provision of affordable housing options for residents.
  • Minimise homelessness and rough sleeping by targeting support to those at risk.
  • Promote and invest £150,000 in major flood alleviation schemes, including Tenbury and Severn Stoke.
  • Invest in the refurbishment of five town centre toilets by 2025.

Our Economy

  • Produce a new, ambitious Economic Strategy for the district by Summer 2022 to set out how MHDC will deliver a sustainable growth plan for the future.
  • Support at least 100 businesses per year to innovate and grow, through business start-up and growth programmes.
  • Work with all partners on the Malvern Hills Science Park Board to deliver Phase 6 of the Science Park as a low carbon development as early as possible, and by 2027 at the very latest.
  • Work with partners to deliver investment in new workspace and key employment sites increasing overall stock by at least 10% by 2025.
  • Invest up to £100,000 by 2025 to provide upskilling grants to encourage local businesses to take on apprentices and graduates, and to promote Kickstart placements and other employment programmes to local residents.
  • Lead the development of the Town Centre Plans covering our 5 town centres by Summer 2022, promoting our high streets and increasing footfall.
  • Work with Malvern Theatres to facilitate the delivery of a new extension to contribute to the local economy and cultural experience.
  • Promote and develop the visitor experience of the Malverns, increasing visitor spend by 10% above 2021 levels by 2025.
  • Support the tourism sector with a focus on sustainability by supporting 30 local businesses to achieve Green Mark accreditation by 2025.
  • Support rural communities and businesses to attain full fibre broadband.

Our Environment

  • Ensure we remain on target to reduce the council’s own greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2030.
  • Lead the district to become carbon neutral as soon as possible, and by 2050 at the very latest and deliver Destination Zero.
  • Ensure planning policies are in place to safeguard the quality of the built environment, natural environment, energy efficiency of buildings and enable Active Travel within new developments.
  • Encourage sustainable travel solutions, including low carbon, community transport and active travel.
  • Develop a Biodiversity and Nature Recovery Strategy.
  • Double the amount of renewable energy generated in the district by 2030.
  • Double the number of employees in the low carbon economy in the district by 2030 from a 2020 baseline.
  • Provide 20 new EV charging points on council car parks across the district by 2025.
  • Work with communities on local environmental action:
    • Encourage responsible disposal of waste, e.g. SCRAP code, reduce fly-tipping;
    • Improve the appearance of our streets, including through ‘Adopt a Street’ and Green Dog Walkers.
  • Support initiatives that promote ‘refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle’.