We use a Performance Management Framework to make sure that we deliver on our promises. This framework allows us to always improve services, using the feedback from our residents and our own performance measures. 

We monitor our performance and provide progress updates to our Executive Committee every quarter. This reports on a range of measures that reflect our strategic objectives, and on key operational targets.

Read our most recent report:Quarterly Performance Report.

Annual Report

We have produced an Annual Report using the data from the 2017 -18 Quarterly Performance Reports.

Read the Annual Report

Five Year Plan

The Five Year Plan sets out our ambitions and provides a clear direction to help us prioritise our resources. This enables us to deliver on actions that benefit everyone living, working and visiting our district over the coming years.

Find out about our Five Year Plan.

Residents’ Survey

We undertake an annual survey of residents about their perception of their local neighbourhood and of council services. This has previously been called the 'Viewpoint' survey and has been undertaken on our behalf by Worcestershire County Council. Over 1,000 residents responded to the 2019 Residents’ Survey, which ran from 8th September to 6th October 2019. 

The resident's survey results aren’t exactly comparable with the old Viewpoint Survey, because some of the questions have been changed. But it will give us a baseline moving forwards. We have used the results to shape the actions in our new Five Year Plan.

Read the report containing the Residents' Survey results.

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