There are 31 councillors, each one is elected for a period of four years to represent the residents in part of the district known as a Ward. 

The role of the district councillor

Each elected Member serves on full Council, which determines strategic policy and approves certain matters "reserved" to Council, such as setting the budget and Council Tax.

Councillors also serve on one of two Area Planning Committees, and may also serve on other committees, such as Executive Committee, Overview & Scrutiny or the Licensing and Appeals Committee.

An important part of the councillor's role takes place away from the Council itself and in their ward, where they act as a point of contact between the district council, parish and town councils and residents on a range of community matters. 

Many Councillors are also representatives on outside bodies. View list of outside bodies.

The Leader and Chairman of the Council

No single party or group is currently in control of Malvern Hills District Council. 

At an Annual Council meeting in May 2023, Councillor Tom Wells was re-elected as Leader of Malvern Hills District Council and Councillor Natalie McVey was re-elected as Deputy Leader.

Councillor Barbara Jones-Williams was elected Chairman and Cllr Daniel Walton as Vice-Chairman.

Portfolio Holders

There are six Portfolio Holders with specific responsibilities for different areas of our work. 

Cllr Tom Wells, Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Community Services

Responsibilities: Strategic leadership and direction, lead on emergency planning, strategic leadership and direction, corporate communications and reputation management, lead on community transport and active travel, community engagement and development including parish councils and young people/schools, leisure strategy and delivery including sports promotion, lead on links with voluntary sector, and arts and culture.

Cllr Natalie McVey, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Housing and Health

Responsibilities: Deputise for the leader as appropriate, strategic housing function, lead on links with registered housing providers, homelessness and rough sleeping, private sector housing, strategic links with registered providers, health and wellbeing including ageing well, poverty alleviation, community safety, policing and crime matters including links with the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Cllr Beverley Nielsen, Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Tourism

Responsibilities: Economic growth and prosperity, urban regeneration and town centres revitalisation, rural economy and growth matters, tourism and visitor economy, strategic employment sites, strategic business liaison, skills and apprenticeships.

Cllr John Gallagher, Portfolio Holder for Resources

Responsibilities: Business planning, financial strategy, planning and budget matters, revenues and benefits, ICT matters, corporate performance and strategy, human resources and legal, property strategy and asset management, civil parking enforcement.

Cllr David Harrison, Portfolio Holder for planning, infrastructure, and flooding

Responsibilities:  Strategic planning, SWDPR, and JAP lead member, neighbourhood planning, heritage matters, building control and planning enforcement, land charges and street naming, strategic transport and infrastructure, strategic and urban design policy and initiatives, land drainage and flooding.

Cllr John Raine, Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services 

Responsibilities:  Delivery of the Destination Zero Plan, promotion of the district as a low carbon economy, biodiversity and the natural environment, environmental campaigns including litter, plastics and energy reduction, waste management, refuse collection and recycling, street scene services, parks and ground maintenance andWorcestershire Regulatory Services member (inc. licensing).

Member Champions

Malvern Hills District Council has appointed member champions to promote and support various interests of the community.

The roles will focus on four themes including Heritage, Rural, Young People and the Armed Forces.

Acting as a positive focus for the local community, they will make contact with local organisations, familiarise themselves with the needs of the relevant section of the community, act as advocates on their behalf and feedback the decisions of the council. View the full role descriptions.

The appointed member champions are:

  • Vacancy - Young Person’s Champion

The aim of the role is to work closely with the schools in the district to improve the council’s engagement with young people, consulting them on our key priorities.

The aim of the role is to raise and maintain the profile of the district’s rural areas, drawing the council’s attention to rural issues and working with the council to improve the service delivered to rural areas.

The aim of this role is to work with the countywide Covenant Working Group and support the needs of service veterans and families in the district.

The aim of this role will be to raise and maintain the profile of the built historic and natural environment and provide a focus for heritage issues across the Council.

The aim of this role will be to support the high numbers of residents in the district, who find themselves in poverty and particularly given the economic impacts of the pandemic, which may take years to resolve.