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Ward Member Community Grant Scheme

Please speak to your local Ward Member in advance of completing an application for a Ward Member Community Grant as the financial support available is limited.

About the scheme

The Ward Member Community Grant Scheme provides a flexible, small and timely financial resource for Ward Members to grant in their communities, addressing the 'here and now' issues. 

Ideally, projects should enable communities to help themselves and lead on delivering local solutions, which reflects the Council's commitment to 'Asset Based Community Development'.

The scheme will assist and support local projects and opportunities for improving the health and wellbeing, economic and environmental aspects of residents lives in their wards, which reflect the Councils current priorities in its Five Year Plan.

Each Ward Member will receive a budget of £1,000. The community grant is to be awarded by 7 April 2025. Applications received after this date will be not be processed.

What can be funded as part of the scheme?

Applications are welcome from community and voluntary groups, charities, schools, parish and town councils, that benefit residents.

The Ward Member Community Grant Scheme can fund projects within one ward or be used to fund joint projects across multiple wards, providing each ward has identified the project to benefit its residents.

Ward Members are able to consider funding towards any element of your project, as long as the project itself does not conflict with, nor contravene, any policy of Malvern Hills District Council.

The scheme does not fund projects that have already been delivered or work that has already been carried out, or reimburse money that has already been spent.

Applications must focus on specific projects in the ward which contribute toward the Council meeting its priorities of Our Health and Wellbeing, Our Economy and Our Environment, which may include:

  • Specific items or activities to support local community groups
  • Environmental projects to improve and enhance the public space
  • Connecting communities to help reduce social isolation, bringing people together through community engagement and events
  • Initiatives that support and promote community safety
  • Activities that encourage and promote the wellbeing and health of communities

How to apply

If you have an idea for a local project, which reflects the priorities of the Council that may benefit from financial contribution, please contact your local Ward Member to speak to them.

Find your local councillor and their contact details

Use the My Local Area tool

If your Ward Member agrees to provide you with a grant, you must complete Part 1 of the application form and return it to your Ward Member, so that they may complete Part 2. Application forms can only be submitted to the Council by the Ward Member.

document Download the Ward Budget Application Form (46 KB)

Payment of the Ward Member Community Grant 

Once your local Ward Member has signed the application form they will send it to Democratic Services to review and process for payment.

The Council aims to pay the awarded grant within 15 working days of receipt of a completed application form.

Previous projects

You can find further details of previously funded Ward Member Community Grant Scheme projects by viewing the grant decision reports on our website.

In 2023/24 £15,350 was allocated to more than 60 projects.

In 2022/23 £13,000 was allocated to more than 50 projects.