Councillor information

There are 38 councillors; each one is elected for a period of four years to represent the residents in part of the district known as a Ward. A Councillor's Political Group is not necessarily the same as the political party they stood for at election. View councillor details, including committee appointments, contact information and register of interests.

The role of the district councillor

Each elected Member serves on full Council, which determines strategic policy and approves certain matters "reserved" to Council, such as setting the budget and Council Tax.

Councillors also serve on one of two Area Development Management Committees, and may also serve on other committees, such as Executive Committee, Overview & Scrutiny or the Licensing and Appeals Committee.

An important part of the councillor's role takes place away from the Council itself and in their ward, where they act as a point of contact between the district council, parish and town councils and residents on a range of community matters. Many Councillors also serve on outside organisations, such as housing associations and school/college governing bodies, providing a valuable link between the Council and these organisations.

The Leader and the Chairman of the Council and their deputies

The Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council are the two most senior politicians from the political party which has the most elected councillors in their Group.

In Malvern Hills District Council the Conservative Party is currently in the majority and so forms the administration. The Leader of Council is Councillor Phil Grove and the Deputy Leader is Councillor David Chambers.

The Leader is responsible for creating the Council's vision, determining strategy & objectives, assessing priorities and spearheading policy implementation. They are also the Council's link with Central Government and represent the Council on a number of partnership projects and initiatives such as the Malvern Hills Partnership.

The Chairman of Council is the civic and ceremonial head of the Council, chosen by Members to represent them across the district, be the impartial chair of meetings, support local community projects, and attend local events.

In May 2016 Councillor John Raine was elected as Chairman and will hold the title until May 2017. Councillor Chris O'Donnell was elected to take on the role of Vice-Chairman.

Although the Chairman of Council is usually a member of a political group themselves, when they take on the official role of Chairman they agree to be apolitical for the year. This is because the Chairman of Council is expected to be the ‘balancer' in council meetings and ensure all political parties are represented equally.

It is also important to note that when it comes to ward-related business, like planning matters, the Chairman has no enhanced decision making powers – they voice their opinion like any other councillor.