Current Performance

Performance Management

Our Performance Management Framework allows us to continually improve services in the light of feedback from residents and our own performance measures. 

All of our performance is monitored regularly at every level of the council, and reports on progress are made to our Executive Committee on a quarterly basis. This reports on a range of strategic measures, which reflect our strategic objectives, and on key operational targets. Most of these have been agreed locally because they help us to provide better services. Our most recent report can be seen in the Executive Committee papers here: Quarterly Performance Report.

Annual Report

Our Annual Report summarises our performance over the past year using the data from the Quarterly Performance Reports and a wide range of other sources.

Five Year Plan

Our Five Year Plan sets out our ambitions and a clear direction to help us prioritise our resources and deliver our actions that benefit everyone living, working in and visiting our district over the coming years. 

Viewpoint Survey

We participate in an annual survey, Viewpoint, which provides us with feedback from residents about their perception of the local neighbourhood and council services. This has been undertaken in May each year (June in 2017 due to the timing of county council elections) on our behalf by Worcestershire County Council.

The 2018 Viewpoint Survey ran from 21st May to 15th June 2018. Access the 2018 Viewpoint results here.

If you would like to be involved in this and other consultations in the future, are aged over 18 and a Worcestershire resident, please sign up to the Viewpoint Panel by completing the form at Worcestershire Viewpoint Panel.


We are currently developing tools to better compare our performance with other councils. More information will be available on this page shortly.