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Conservation Area Appraisals

Conservation areas are a heritage designation under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 to manage the special historic or architectural character of a place. Malvern Hills has 21 Conservation Areas; to check if you are in a conservation area, please visit My Local Area website.

The Council have a programme of reviewing the conservation areas, this entails the creation or renewal of appraisals, the continued relevancy of existing boundaries and the requirement for additional controls.

Please see the table for the list of conservation areas, their appraisals and maps. If there is no appraisal connected to a conservation area, the Council, unfortunately, will have been unable to prepare one at this stage.

Conservation Area Maps 2024

Appraisals are a means of:

  • Identifying and re-assessing the special qualities of the conservation area
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of the boundaries and assess whether they should be altered
  • Engaging and consulting with the local community and businesses during the process
  • Preparing a strategy for its future management

Further help and advice

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